About MyWreaths

My name is Kenyon Fink and I started Kenyon Growers way back in 1985. My goal is to provide cool flowers, textured foliage, colorful berries, and stylish branches that are the delight of the industry. Over the decades we have helped lead the market toward a more sophisticated look in floral design.

The farm began with just two acres under cultivation. We now harvest 60 acres of colorful and aesthetically pleasing stems that are the pride of the industry. Even the most common flowers such as roses and chrysanthemums benefit from a background of well designed, exotic greenery. My commitment to my customers is to always remain at the cutting edge of floral design.

Some years back, Kenyon Growers foreman, Jose Andrade proposed an exciting innovation to our product line. He suggested the berries and twigs, and leaves and twining vines could be used to design the most beautiful wreaths ever seen. That was the beginning of mywreaths.com. Thirty years of expertise goes into every wreath we produce. Our wreaths are unique! We guarantee satisfaction or we will refund your money. No questions asked!